The rise in the urban populations at the global scale and disproportionate use of resources, create extensive problems mainly in the natural environment and many other domains. At the same time, the socio-economic differences among population groups concentrated in cities are increasing and the challenges such as urban poverty and security, negatively impact the quality of urban life. Meanwhile the goal of creating sustainable cities has been a big priority of today to find a solution against new problems appearing in this context or the ones that become more stratified along the way; the growing risks about the future of the World prove that public decision-makers from every level need to take action. At this point, it becomes indispensable to translate the decisions of global institutions into concrete implementations at the local level.

In these circumstances, Kadikoy Municipality and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability are bringing together actors from different parts of the World in the Sustainable Cities Summit in Kadikoy, to share their best practices and experiences. The Summit is aiming to facilitate the exchange of experiences of Turkish municipalities focusing on issues such as sustainability, climate crisis, and food crisis, to create cooperation opportunities between Turkish municipalities and their global counterparts in the ICLEI network, and to foster dialogue with international representatives on accessing global financial resources. These goals are discussed under 4 titles: Mayors Panel, Green City Finance, Circular Life: Culture, Nature, and Localization of European and Global Deals. We are expecting your participation in this Summit which will ensure both the dissemination of practices that can become a model for local governments and broadening the perspective of policymakers.